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Nancy Willis is a London based artist whose work includes painting, printmaking, sculpture, mixed media, and moving image.

Nancy has exhibited in the Whitechapel Open, Diorama Art Gallery, Laing Art Gallery, BBC Television Centre and Dean Clough Contemporary Art Gallery. She was artist in residence at Hammersmith Hospital and Byam Shaw School of Art, and in 2003 received the Arts Council Innovate Award. She has run popular art workshops at the Serpentine Gallery, the Whitechapel Gallery, Byam Shaw School of Art and in many community settings. Her film 'Elegy for the Elswick Envoy', commissioned by Channel 4, won 'Best Documentary' at film festivals in the USA, Australia and Africa.

‘In my art I explore my personal experience of life and disability. In telling my own story I hope to touch on the joys and sorrows we all share.’

Now working with moving image, Nancy is exploring a medium from which new stories and different perspectives are emerging…

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