Moving Pictures

2015          Goats Grazing animated by Nancy Willis and Reetesh Motah [0'15'']

2009          Transformation I [6'11"] & Transformation II [6'42"]

                   A digital moving image project, inspired by 'The Explorer' - a series of poems by                      Allan Sutherland commissioned by Disability Arts Online. Made in collaboration                      with Joe McConnell, featuring music by Chris Morris.

2009          Winter Wonderland directed and animated by Nancy Willis [1'5"]

2008          Alpine Journey directed and animated by Nancy Willis & Barry Leigh,                                          piano by Nick Tomalin [2'13"]

2008          Ellie in the Dunes directed and animated by Nancy Willis [1'00"]

2008          Winter Twilight directed and animated by Nancy Willis [0'28"]


2007         Elegy for the Elswick Envoy directed by Nancy Willis [22'39"]

                  Award-winning documentary, commissioned by Channel 4 television.
                  Camera: Will Milner, Film Editor: Francis Buchanan,
                  Production Manager: Duncan Nichol, Producer: Wendie Ottewill,
                  Executive Producers: Hilary Durman and Jim Sayer,
                  Production Companies: Maverick Television Ltd and Resource Base.

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