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Workshops - Projects - Publications

2016         The Incorrigibles, DASH publication 

2008         Whitechapel Gallery Access Advisor 

                  Whitechapel Expansion Project

2006_____ Re-thinking Disability                                                 Representation in Museums &                                GalleriesUniversity of Leicester

2005_____ To Be or Not To Be: the place of                               disability in creative identity,
__________ FASED in the Arts, Loughborough Uni

2004-05_   Workshop LeaderWhitechapel Gallery

2004_____ Researcher for 'Disability, Difference                   & Creativity'Tate Britain

2004_____   Representation  of Disabled People in                   Museums & Galleries, Leicester Uni

2003-04     Art Tutor Weekend Academy,

                   Byam Shaw School of Art 

2003_____  ContributorShelf Life Anthology, NDAF

2002_____ ResearcherTate Educational Dept. 

1998-02_  Art Group LeaderMental Health                                 Rehabilitation, Forest Healthcare 
1998_____ Life Class TutorDrawing Disabled

                    London Disability Arts Forum

1992_____ SpeakerDisabled People & Visual Arts                         Conference, Visual Arts & Galleries Assoc.

1988-96_  'Workshops On Demand', Community                       group workshops and exhibitions

1990____   ContributorDisability Issue, FAN
1988_____ Joint Conference Organiser,                                     Disabled Women Artists Conference,                             Women Artists' Slide Library, London


Moving Pictures

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