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2009_____ Best Documentary

                 'Gold Lion Film Festival', Swaziland, Africa   2009_____ Best Short Documentary

                  'Lighthouse International Film Festival', USA

2009_____ Best Short Documentary

                 'Heart of Gold' International Film Fest, Oz.
2008____  Best 
Short Documentary

                  'Rockport Film Festival', USA

2008____   Best Short Documentary 

                New Orleans Film Festival, USA

2008_____ Best Short Documentary 

                  'Newburyport Documentary Film Fest', USA

2008_____ Best Short Documentary 'Moondance                      International Film Festival', USA

2008____Best Documentary 

                 'Aspen Shortsfest', USA

2008_____ Honoury Mention 'Picture This...'                               Disability Film Festival, Canada

2002_____ Innovate Award for research and                           development, London Arts Board

1995____   Prize-winner 'Women on the Streets'

                    Nationwide photo-mural Competition        

1991_____Owen Roley Prize, London Guildhall Uni 

Residencies - Commissions

2007_____New Shoots: films by disabled directors

                 commissioned by Channel 4 TV

2003_____ Artist in Residence,

                   Byam Shaw School of Art, EyoDP funded

1990-92_  Artist-in-Residence Hammersmith                              Hospital, Public Art Development Trust



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